NO BABYSITTER? Free Parenting Tips to Get More Quality Time with Spouse | Parent Hacks Multiple Kids

Today I am going to tell you the 5 parenting hacks my Husband and I have used to get some quality time together without paying for a babysitter! We have twin 2 year olds and a baby, so it is hard to catch any sort of break. We use these simple tips to get some semi uninterrupted time together as were in the thick of it in this parenting gig.

If you are a parent of multiple kids, I would love to hear of any tips or tricks you use to get more time with your spouse! Please write it in the comments below.

Tip 1. Mommy Trades
Tip 2. Playplace Hack
Tip 3. Gated Playgrounds
Tip 4. Strict Bedtimes (seems obvious, but I know SOO many parents who don’t do this)
Tip 5. Gym Membership with Daycare

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