Nuna Pipa vs Nuna Pipa Lite | Infant Car Seats | Comparison

In this video, Eli compares the Nuna Pipa to the Nuna Pipa Lite Infant Car Seat! Both are available from Magic Beans with free shipping.

Here’s a quick overview:
Both the Nuna Pipa and the Pipa Lite use the same steel-reinforced base. It features Isofix rigid latch for easy installation and a load leg for extra protection in a collision. But the biggest different between the two is that the Pipa Lite cannot be installed without a base! This will likely not affect families using the base in their car daily. But city families that use taxis often will not be able to install the Lite with the seat belt. The Nuna Pipa is the better option for city families!

The Nuna Pipa Lite is the lightest car seat in the USA, weighing just 5.3 pounds! To make such a light and tough seat, Nuna used brand new technology in its manufacturing process. Flexible EPP foam lines the plastic shell. While the Pipa has no flame retardants added anywhere that touches the baby, the Pipa Lite has no flame retardants added whatsoever! This means a completely chemical-free seat.

If the Nuna Pipa is more your style, you’re still carrying light. It features a Dream Drape for complete coverage and privacy, while the Pipa Lite features an extendable canopy. Parents also love the peekaboo window on the Pipa. And, again, the Pipa can be installed with a seat belt while the Pipa Lite cannot.

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