Parenting Hacks: A Review of 11 Tips On Parenting [Interview with Dr. Vanessa Lapointe ]

11 Parenting Hacks: This is a summary of our interview with author, parenting expert, and registered psychologist Dr. Vanessa Lapointe over on:

In this interview she covered tons of Parenting tips, but here are 11 Parenting Hacks we loved:

1) Why Your Childs Temper Tantrum is Actually a Good Thing
2) Why Letting Your Child Be Really Bored Is Actually Good
3) How To Get Your Child To Really Do What You Want
4) How to Get Your Kids to Behave Without Messing Them Up
The “Why” behind the Book Discipline Without Damage
5) How To Be In Charge And Kind Without Timeouts
6) Absolutely Good Vs Ineffective Way To Get Kids To Behave
7) How to Decide When and When Not to Enforce Rules on Children
8) How To Make Sure Your Parenting Style Doesn’t Cause Fear But Instead Increases Love And Curiosity
9) How To Feed Your Childs Brain With Positivity Vs Negativity
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10) How to Help Your Child Face Fear & Anxieties
11) How To Avoid Playing Whac-A-Mole With Kids Fears & Anxieties

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