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By Katy Hudson

Summary – Do you have a baby brother? Well, in today’s kids book read aloud, Chick is getting a little frustrated with his baby brother. The little guy can’t seem to do anything right. He doesn’t walk right, throw a ball right, or even catch a ball for that matter. Then one day Chick looses track of his baby brother and ends up having to walk home in the dark alone. He gets a little scared when he hears a strange rustling sound in the distance. What could it be? Let’s listen to tonight’s kids bedtime story read aloud and find out…

Hi, I’m Staci and this is my channel Staci’s Bedtime Story! Reading aloud to kids is a great way to spark their love for reading books, and help them discover the joy and excitement of books. I love reading bedtime stories to my own children so much that I decided to start reading kids books out loud on youtube. Plus, I will be reading a new children’s bedtime story each and every night, so make sure to subscribe! I hope my bedtime stories read out loud bring smiles to your children’s faces. Thanks for stopping by 🙂