Sleep Sounds for Baby White Noise | Soothe Colic, Crying, Calm Infant | 12 Hours

Help your baby fall asleep with the gentle sleep sounds of baby white noise. When an infant is crying, fussy, colicky or teething, soft white noise can be a helpful tool to calm a newborn. Many doctors recommend using white noise, including Dr. Harvey Karp, author of Happiest Baby on The Block. The white noise is similar to sounds heard in the womb, which soothe the baby. The sound also blocks out other distracting noise that might wake up the infant. Many babies sleep for 12 hours, so this sleep noise is twelve hours long to ensure an infant can fall asleep and remain sleeping all night long.

Babies like white noise, and so do parents! The whole family can sleep better with this soothing sound.

White noise is safe for infants and young children. You can learn more about this here:

While playing white noise for babies, it’s important to keep tabs on the volume, because any white noise machine, smartphone, or computer can put out levels that are too loud for your child. It’s recommended to play the sound at least a few feet from where your infant is sleeping and to keep the volume no louder than the sound of a soft shower.

Parents can download an app to turn their smartphone into a sound level meter. One good, free, option is the sound level meter app created by the U.S. National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) available on the app store as the NIOSH SLM app.

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Remember that loud sounds can potentially damage your hearing. When playing one of our videos, if you cannot have a conversation over the sound without raising your voice, the sound may be too loud for your ears. Please do not place speakers right next to a baby’s ears. If you have difficulty hearing or hear ringing in your ears, please immediately discontinue listening to the white noise sounds and consult an audiologist or your physician.

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