Solution for gas in new born – Dr. Shaheena Athif

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Most of the newborns are usually breast fed from birth till 6 months of age and mostly due to the immature gastrointestinal development, most of the babies, they have a gas problem. So usually after feeding, the baby may have some burping, belching, also they may pass some flatulence, excessive fussiness may be seen, baby may be excessively crying by pulling their leg up and there maybe arching of the back. So these are the common symptoms which are seen. Now how to deal it if the baby is having such a gas problem? Mainly before the baby gets excessively hungry, you need to start feeding the baby because if the baby excessively cries, they take in more air and that itself causes a amount of gas to be filled in the stomach. Another thing is during the feeding, the baby has to be latched properly to the breast, the exact positioning, that is the babies mouth should be wide open and most of the areola part of the breast should be inside the mouth so that the baby does not take in more air while sucking the breast. Another thing is always the head should be at a higher position and during the feeding always the mother should feed from each breast fully so that the baby gets more foremilk and hindmilk. Now hindmilk, if the baby gets a lot of foremilk, it also increases the amount of gas. That is why the mother should also give the hindmilk. After feeding, you should burp the baby. Now, burping can be , now in case you imagine this as the baby, you catch the baby this upright and pat the baby and some of the babies ,may pass even after 1minute, some after 10 minutes, so we have to wait until w hear the burp. Another position is to keep the baby in a prone position in your lap and [pat the back. this also helps in releasing the gas from the mouth. Another way is increase , some of the babies have this colicky problem , you can massage the baby from upper part of the abdomen to the lower part upto down in this particular manner. Another thing is the cycling movement of the lower limb. You can do cycling movement of both the limbs in this manner so that baby passes the flatus from down . In this way we can help the baby to release gas in the natural methods. Now in case if the baby has severe colicky pain , baby continuously cries for almost 4 hours . In such cases you can meet the pediatrician and they may give you some medications to relieve the pain.