Squatting With Your Baby – Postpartum Exercise Routine With Your Bub

Looking for a great postpartum exercise routine you can do with your baby? Squats are a good choice for pelvic floor health and can be done almost anywhere!

** Please note that if you do have any concerns with your pelvic floor, prolapse, or are early postpartum, you should definitely check in with your Women’s Health Physiotherapist before beginning any loaded squats as an exercise program. We recommend starting with our video – How To Squat for a Healthy Pelvic Floor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rXcF2eC20Q&t=1s **

We squat in the kitchen to get to the lower cupboards, picking up the washing, picking things up from the floor – you name it we squat all of the time.

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Squatting with your baby as part of your postpartum recovery is a great way to exercise for a number of different reasons:

– As you grow stronger in your recovery, your baby grows as well!
– Great resistance tool you have around all of the time 😉
– You don’t need much space and can do them at home in just 10 minutes. (Great while binging some Netflix).
– Awesome functional movement that is great for your pelvic floor
– Fun and challenging and you can mix it up however you like

Please note – Make sure you have a firm grip on your baby and are confident in your balance before beginning.

Technique note – When you’re squatting make sure do so like you’re almost sitting in a chair, stick your bum out and don’t tuck the tailbone under. As well do not let your shins and knees go too far forward, you want them to be as vertical as possible. As well make sure you only go to the depth that you feel comfortable in going.

If you have any pain or discomfort at all, just stop and seek guidance from your women’s health physiotherapist.

We also have a video outlining how to squat, just check out our channel.

Squats shown in video:
– Standard squat
– Squat and hold
– Pulse squat
– Split and Wide Squats

Create your own little 10-minute routine with variations or however you’d like to do it and change up the position you hold your baby if possible so they get a little bit of movement and exercise for themselves and you change the load on your body.

Have Fun and please leave any questions or comments below or feel free to get in touch with us on social media!

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