Surprise Baby Showers

How to Throw a Surprise Baby Shower

When a friend or family member is expecting a baby, throwing a baby shower is a thoughtful task for the mom to do. To make a baby shower a success, compile the guest list and choose the date, time and location for the shower. Plan what kind of food, decorations and games to play to make the party interesting and fun. Before you start planning, make sure the guest likes to be surprised and reminds the guests not to talk to mom about the party.

Choose a date, time, and location

Make sure mom likes to be surprised. Surprise baby showers aren’t for everyone, as pregnancy can be stressful and irresistible without the added surprise of knowing nothing about a party. Try to make sure the honored guest really wants it and if close friends or family members can ask if the honored guest can enjoy it, it will be like a dazzling party before you start the plan.

  1. Try asking the wife or closest friend of the guest of honor if she would like a fancy baby shower in person as opposed to a text or an email, but the guest is less likely to find a guest.
  2. If you want to surprise them and make them feel like a mom, talk to them about the baby shower on the day it is taking place. While this approach is still surprising, you may be well dressed and ready to go, knowing that you will be with a lot of people.

Our experts agree: Before throwing a surprise baby shower, make sure that mothers and sisters want that kind of attention at this stage of their pregnancy. If he has any kind of fight or complication he can bomb by partying.

Pick a baby shower date 1-2 months before the scheduled date. You can always have a baby shower after the baby is born, but gifts and supplies are always good for the mom before the baby arrives so that they are well prepared. Pick a date 1-2 months ahead of the scheduled date so mom can enjoy the shower even if the super arrives soon.

  • Choose 2 or 3 possible dates if none of them work with the guest of honor.

Make sure the guest is honored on the date you remember. Once you have selected two dates that you think are effective, you can come up with a clever way to ask a distinguished guest if they are free on that date or you can ask someone to fix it. They are a great way to ensure you have plans with guests
Ask the guest’s wife or close friend to help determine if the mother’s stay arrangement is free at the time of the appointment.

Decide where you want to host the baby shower. It is best to choose a place that you can easily access before you shower so that you have plenty of time to set up. You should also consider a place to keep the number of people who expect you to be invited, as well as the number of people who expect you to be a mom or to be celebrated.

  1. For example, hosting a shower at the Honors Guest House will make it harder for you to be surprised and it won’t take long to set up.
  2. Consider places like restaurants, outdoor areas, or homes for friends or family members.

Make a list of possible gifts for the honored guest. This will help guests buy gifts that are really needed by mom. Ask the honored guest to list some of the things he or she will need before the baby arrives, and then, if desired, create a registration for him or her. Do not find out about the mother-to-be in this way.

  1. If you don’t want to create a registration, you can give the guest a list of gift ideas and encourage them to keep a gift receipt with them if there are duplicates.
  2. Encourage the guest to add the required items, such as diapers, clothing, bottles, or safety equipment, and items with different prices to the guest list.
  3. It is helpful to include information for articles in the invitations.

Plan how you will receive honored guests at the party. If you have already told the honored guest that you will be spending time with them that day, you can simply pick them up or meet them at the venue. Otherwise, you need to make a plan to get mom anywhere without surprise.

For example, ask the spouse to tell the guest’s honored guest what lunch they will have, or ask a friend to plan with the guest.

Sort guest lists, invitations, and RSVPs

Make a guest list so you know who to invite. When creating a guest list, think about what guests will want during their baby shower. You can only invite people of your choice or less, including women, any family members, close friends, or co-workers.

  1. For example, if you want to keep the baby shower small, invite only family members who live in the area.
  2. Just invite guests to be work friends or have a big party for a baby shower and invite all of their friends and family members
  3. Ask the guest’s spouse or close friend to find the required address for each guest.

Make it clear from the invitation that the party is a surprise. While the invitation should clearly state that the word baby shower contains something wonderful, there are other ways to make it stand out. Put a bold word on the invitation that says, “It’s amazing!” Or add a picture of a baby holding a finger to their lips when they move.
Making sure that the guests surprise the baby shower will ensure that the guest does not seek a guest of honor.

Manage RSVPs for you so guests don’t get notified of the honor question. Instead of storing the guests’ honorary information on the invitation, do it yourself so the guests can get back to you. That way, you’ll learn how many people to prepare for and answer any questions guests might have.

  1. Remind guests not to say hello when calling the RSVP or asking questions about the event.
  2. Include your name, email address, and phone number on the invitation so guests can reply to you.

Send out invitations about 6 weeks before you shower. It gives people plenty of time to RSVP and write the date on their calendars. If you want to make sure guests don’t see the invitations, opt for Eviet by email. Make sure you say the baby shower is a surprise with the rest of the details.

  1. Include the date, time, and place of the invitation, as well as other important information about where the gift list is available, what to wear, or when to go to the RSVP.
  2. You can find many split options online that are offered in different subject areas.
  3. When the baby’s gender is announced, it is a good idea to include it on the invitation so guests know what type of gift to buy.

Schedule decor and activities

Choose a theme or color scheme for the party. The themes help tie the whole baby shower together and give you the option to choose food, decorations, and any related games. Knowing the baby’s gender, you can choose a related theme or go for a neutral theme like Tiki Luo, zoo animals, circus or alphabet.
You can choose a princess theme for a girl or a sports theme for a boy.

  1. If you want a beach theme, you can place a streamer in shades of blue to restore the ocean, have a cake that looks like a sand castle, and put a small beach bucket in it for the party.
  2. You can also choose gray, yellow, green, or purple themes.

Plan menus for groups. You should take food with cake and drinks so that guests can eat it (both non-alcoholic and non-alcoholic if desired). Choose sensible foods for the time of day and be creative to tailor the foods to your desired theme.

  1. Pick the favorite food or the guest’s thirsty meal, and plan to buy enough to feed all of your guests.
  2. If you join a party at 11 a.m., eat your eggs, muffins, and fruits.
  3. Check out the lunchtime kitchen, which serves mini-sliders, fries and vegetables, and fruit platters.
  4. Arrange cookies or other sweets to match the theme or cut fruit or vegetables into theme-specific shapes with cookie cutters.

Buy accessories such as decor, dishes, and party supplies. Once you’ve chosen your theme, it’s easy to choose the materials you need. Choose decorations like streamers, tablecloths, and balloons in your preferred color scheme. Make sure you have all the plates, cups and utensils you need and on behalf of the party, fill them up to give as gifts to every guest you visit.

  1. If you’re planning a party with gray and yellow color schemes, give preference to streamers, plates, and parties in these colors.
  2. For a baby shower with a barn motif, place the guest in a gift wheelbarrow, buy plates with farm animals or look side by side as guests.

Get ready to play baby-related games. You can put together your own kids games to fit your theme, or you can choose the traditional themed baby shower games that are often driven. Choose 3 games that you think will be fun and collect all the supplies you need to keep them together.

  1. If you do a quick search online, you can find plenty of kids shower game ideas.
  2. For example, everyone tastes baby food and guesses the taste, or everyone decorates the baby with fabric markings or colors.


How to Keep a Surprise Baby Shower a Secret From the Mom-to-Be

Throwing a dazzling baby shower can be a great way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a newcomer. Just make sure you know your audience – you don’t want to throw a surprise baby shower for a mom who doesn’t want a baby shower, or worse … a mom who doesn’t like surprises! After getting over this little denial of mine, I want to start the fun thing of throwing a secret baby shower to stay with mom from now on.

Step 1 – Create a guest list

Just in case you’re hosting a simple baby shower, you’ll need to create a guest list. When creating a guest list, don’t forget the following important tips:

Think about who the mother would like to be there. Don’t make your own decisions. You’re not just a housemaid, a guest of honor.
When creating a guest list, don’t forget to consider: the people he may work with, the family patriarch, his family, his friends … the list can be memorable if you really get into it.
There is no problem in hosting a small shower and only inviting a certain group of people. For example, if you’re having a fantastic baby shower, just invite people over from work.

Step 2 – Tell the guest about the surprise!

In other words, tell the guests it’s a surprise. There is nothing worse than trying to recover from an accident caused by someone else. Make sure you tell people you know about baby showers that mothers don’t know about this and that you want to keep it a secret. Of course, this step won’t deprive anyone of the ability to distribute the beans, but it will decrease the chances. When I know that I’ve done my part to ensure privacy is protected, my adversity feels better.

Follow these simple tips to make sure privacy isn’t exposed:

  • Guests have RSVP to you.
  • Make it clear in the invitation that this is a wonderful baby shower.

Step 3 – Make sure the shower is actually available for mom when scheduled

I know this is an obvious thing, but it can really be overlooked and often happens when surprise parties are planned. Not only do you need to make sure that it is not available for the date and time you selected for the shower, but you also need to plan out how to get it to the shower without causing amazing damage in front of your hands.

Tips for planning availability

  1. Talk to his wife (or roommate or whoever he lives with or is close to). Invite them to help you with ideas on how to get them out of the house. Also, husbands or wives usually have a good overview of each other’s schedules. You can
  2. help with this process as well. Use your resources.
  3. Plan with him that day. That way, you can be sure that nothing else will work. If your home has a shower, this is also a great way to get him to shower.

Of course, you can choose to tell her about the baby shower on shower day if you want. It doesn’t ruin an element of surprise and he may like it better than not knowing where he’s going. This will give her time to shower and prepare for it and she can wear whatever she thinks is appropriate for the shower. As mentioned above … your audience knows. If you think he’d like to know a few hours in advance so that he can prepare, tell him. If you don’t think she can prepare, go without telling her until she arrives.

It is possible to keep a secret shower from the guest. It may take a little longer and you plan, but if you put your TT behind you and make sure you can have the perfect dazzling baby shower at your IT point!


3 Tips for Throwing a Surprise Baby Shower

Have you ever thrown a surprise baby shower? It can be cruel to surprise a pregnant woman if not done correctly. (Emotions, expectations, hormones, alas!) We recently dropped a dazzling baby shower for our team member Lauren, who is expecting her third little one in the next few months. For us, the baby shower was an amazing way to pay us so much and make it an amazing one. She made them special. Here are some tips on how to throw your own surprise shower for the woman you’re expecting:

1. Leave a head behind that needs a special look

Give your special lady a reason to look at her when she arrives. We like the concept of “family or group photo” because it doesn’t give your guest any reason to be suspicious of respect, but it does make sure they don’t appear on their PJ.

2. Surprise your guests in the parking lot and greet them

To get your guest upstairs, send one of your team members outside so that your guest packs their bag and goes for a walk with them for the big moment! It was such a simple gesture, but for us it was a “surprise” that went so smoothly!

3. Keep it simple

It’s hard to get pregnant, isn’t it? Facilitating the party with a cake, a drink and a little love for the lady makes the party special and not too strenuous for the throwers or those who join in.

What do you think? Would you throw a surprise baby shower? If you want to see a video when Lorraine came here, this is it!