Teething in babies -problems & solutions

It is a video regarding teething in babies,its problems & solutions.Teething is a normal physiological process & it is not going to cause any significant problem in the child.Normally teeth start erupting during 6-9 months. If there is delay in dentition familial trend must be enquired,because familial or hereditary factor is quite common.But if dentition is delayed beyond 13 months,consultation with pediatrician must be done.
our cultural believes is that dentition causes diarrhoea,fever , cough & cold, but this is not the fact.
Dentition may cause irritability,drooling of saliva,mouthing or referred ear pain. Mouthing means child is likely to put many dirty things in his mouth i.e. soiled fingers,objects,food particles & toys etc which may lead to watery diarrhea because of infection.
Management :
There is no medicine which is known to facilitate teething. Child should get nutritious diet rich in vitamin D ,calcium & vitamin A like milk,oil,ghee & green leafy vegetables. If the child is irritable,he can be given paracetamol or phenargan after consultation with pediatrician.You can apply local gel containing local anesthetic over the swollen gums with your finger.Avoid giving toys having loose ,small parts which can dislodge & cause aspiration.

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