Twin Baby Shower Games

Best Twin Baby Shower Themes and Games

Twin baby shower themes and games

We have some wonderful double baby shower ideas for you. A double baby shower theme makes everything easier as you can apply it to everything from thank you cards and everything in between to invitations.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and make the most of this extraordinary celebration! With hundreds of ideas, Pinterest will hold onto you for hours. Check out our Twin Baby Shower Board on Pinterest!

Here are my two favorite baby shower themes. Try one of these for your double baby shower or see if it blows up your own new ideas.

Twin baby shower theme ideas

  • Things 1 and things 2 (from the cat in the hat)
  • Two pods in one pod
  • Noah’s ship during the flood
  • “Pregnant”
  • Twice beautiful
  • Double your fun

Twin baby shower party games

Once you’ve picked a theme and selected the accessory invitations you want, there are some conversation options that your guests can still talk about while you’re still in your twin college. Twin baby shower

Remember to keep the game simple and straightforward for everyone and make sure you have enough prizes on hand. Ninety-nine percent of the five dollars in the deal would go a long way.

Double – Focus on the rewards that come with earrings, gloves, socks or double mint glue or double-filled Orios packs! Here are some of my favorite shower games:

My water-broken double baby shower game

Ice the little toy kids, then put a cube in each drink. Make sure you warn everyone not to let the baby drink because of the accident. It can really ruin a good party. Twin baby shower

As the party goes on, the ice melts and the kids “pop” upstairs. The guest who melts the ice must first shout: “Brooke my water!” And hand over your baby to the party organizer.

Although only the first guest received prizes during their water break, everyone will likely yell, “Broke my water!” When your baby swims up, a fun and anxious environment is created.

How many kisses

Pour a Hershey kiss into a plastic baby bottle or large container and let your guest guess how many there are in the container! Whose guess comes closest to the real number, he wins the prize. Twin baby shower

If you have identical boys, if you have a girl / boy twin or two bottles of blue kisses, you can customize them with blue and pink kisses.


Forget BING-OK when you can play TWINS. Create bingo cards with terms like “Double Stroller”, “Double Trouble”, “Double Blessing”, “Twice Good”, “Baby A”, “Baby B”, “Two Peas in a Pod”, “Dynamic Twins”. Two, “identical”, “fraternal” and so on

Personalize it by adding your last name, your husband’s last name, the names you are considering for your twins, and anything else you want to include.

What’s My Name

Can’t decide what to name your twin child? Your shower is a great place to get an idea. Can you find a better focus group?

Give each guest a newspaper suggesting their name and the reasons for their advice. When you get home, look for all the ideas. Twin baby shower

You can only find out from your mother’s card that your great-grandfather is called Alexander, whom you are already thinking about! It may be a belief that your child must make this big decision for Alex!

Double dudi!

Each guest receives a small diaper made of white triangular pieces that close the safety pin so that it looks like a small diaper. One of the two guest diapers has a “bonus” – the cap comes out of the sleeve of the roll. Yes, it looks like a little pope.

Guests, including the Pope in diapers, receive awards. Of course this game has a bit of a crush on this game, but if you have a fun family like me the house will be full of hotspots and holsters! In my shower, the winning guests ate Tutsi buns after collecting the prizes while these caves were even louder.


10 Twin Baby Shower Games

Once you’ve set up a theme for two gorgeous baby showers and removed the adorable invitations, it’s time to think about how to keep these guests fit to be invited for entertainment. So let’s talk games! Here are ten double baby shower games that are easy for you to manage while hosting, but most importantly, difficult to customize

1. My amniotic sac has burst!

It’s more of an ongoing game, but still fun. You have to buy small toys for the kids and freeze them in ice cubes. At the start of the baby shower, have a drink for each guest. Make sure there are two baby ice cubes in each glass. It goes without saying that your guest should have two little plastic babies in their drink to warn them otherwise they will digest them (this gives the party quite a twist) … and explain the rules of the game. Party, the first guest to melt both ice cubes and float on both babies: “My water is broken!” And present both children to the host, who will instead give them a treat. Don’t worry, usually the rest of the guests won’t stop pronouncing the phrase when their kids are floating up too! At least this game will make your party a lot of fun.

2. T-W-N-G-O!

This game is a variation on the classic party game BINGO and is as customizable as it gets. You can personalize it by creating bingo cards with terms related to twins: “identical”, “fraternal”, “adorable couple”, “double trouble”, “double beauty”, “two peas in a pod”, ” two balls of candy “. , And the list goes on. Enter the parents’ names and the names they are considering for their little ones to make them more relevant and add fun value.

3. Socks hesitate

It’s a generally accepted fact that socks disappear when washed. This happens with adult size socks that are suitable for small feet. So you can imagine two mothers having to face each other … and the smaller they are, the crazier it is. Let’s get used to this game. Buy a couple of baby socks in different colors and patterns (they make great baby shower gifts later), separate all the pairs, and toss them all in a pile on the floor that you plan to play the game on. You have to make socks (you can decide how bad you feel or how efficient you find your guest to be).

4. Double diaper time

It’s a playhouse and the more competitive your guests are, the more fun and boring it should be! It’s also a perfect game when mom and mom-to-be want to use cloth diapers with their little ones as you can give them away as gifts. All you need for this game is a cloth diaper, some safety pins and a doll. Add your guests and explain the rules: each team must use the doll’s safety pins with the needle clear, but each with one hand (if you have naughty competitors, tie the other behind the back). After each team participates, the mother-to-be decides who is closest and declares her the winner.

5. Baby talk

A classic word shake that is always well received! Think of some of the doubly related terms, distribute the letters among the words, put them on a list and give them to each guest. Your words must be shattered. Give them time – do it first, or come closest to scrapping all the words. It deserves a reward.

6. Noah’s Ark

If you are using the Noahs Ark theme for the baby shower this is a perfect game. It’s also very easy to play and doesn’t require any preparation. All you have to do is give the baby animals a writing contest – as much as they can, say half a minute! You have probably listed all of the puppies, kittens, chickens, calves … but let’s see if all of the babies remember being able to gargle and whip under the pressure of the shower!

7. There are two of me

There are two variations of this game and you can try both of them. If you’re not prepared, this is definitely a good game for your reporting. Add your guest to the group and make a list of all the things that come together in each group, like earrings and gloves, or like salt and pepper, mac and cheese. The pair with the most winnings – the simplest rule, right?

8. Memory joints

Unlike the last two on our list, this game requires some preparation. In it you need to make a tray with various items related to the baby – pacifiers, socks, mittens, shoes, hat, tether, what you call it. Make sure you keep two items for someone. The rest, just one. So you can have 2 pacifiers, 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of mittens in the tray, but only one pair of shoes, a hat and a teat. Show your guest the tray for 10 minutes. You need to write down how many things the guest will remember in the tray once you throw it away, but they can only write where the two were displayed. Negative marks work best here: you cut a point for each item listed, only one of which will appear in the tray! After the game, shower your mom with a tray full of prairie!

9. Twin Celebrity Matching Game

Pretty easy to prepare, but good fun. Make a list of twins. Put the names of both children in a separate list. The famous parents of the guests fit in with their children. Who wins most correctly (and should probably say goodbye to the e-channel for a while).

10. Don’t say “twins”!

It’s a simple baby shower running game, but it’s challenging. Present with a cloth needle after each arrival. You must wear it with your clothing where it is visible. Since the word “twins” is almost inevitable in a double baby shower, watching guests try to walk around it is even more fun. Anyone who gets into the verbalization of the forbidden word loses their shirt pin. The catch is: Any guest who hears “twins” say can take that guest’s cloth needle and add it to their own collection. The most dressed guest at the end of the winning team.

The party’s entertainment department allows you to be as creative as you want and frankly the games you choose will depend on the type of guests you choose. A simple rule of thumb is to have simple games for everyone to participate. Oh, and you definitely need lots of rewards for encouragement! If possible, try to combine prices – socks, earrings, flip flops or chocolate, which comes in two bars per pack!


Expecting Twins? Here are 5 twin-themed baby shower games!

Throwing a shower for twins is fun! Here are some game ideas to make your baby shower unique for your twin pregnancies.

Twin + Bingo = Tongo!

We absolutely love this game, it’s not just our brand name! Playing twin baby bingo is similar to regular bingo, but instead of using numbers, you use duplicate comments, which mothers are likely to hear a lot over the next few years. The first person to get a full line must call Twingo to win.

Celebrity Twin Baby Match

Every celebrity mother suits her twin child. The guest who connects the most accurate names wins the game.

Things – not paired

Add as many names as you can in a minute, e.g. B. Gloves, socks and earrings. The person who lists the most accurate items wins the game. Variety: List things like socks and shoes, mac and cheese, beard and arnie, salt and pepper, peas, etc. together.

Twin Ninja Swaddle Challenge

It is a must for any affiliate to apply for a program. Preparing to skillfully bond the new mom like a ninja will be life changing for her! For this game you will need two muslin blankets and two dolls. Teach your guest how to cut a baby in this video. The bonus is doubly self-taught when you have two zips or hook and loop fasteners, both of which are great gifts for mom! The guests compete against each other to get as fast as possible. The winning guest competes against the next guest until a king becomes the champion.

Pair match

Buy two dozen pairs of baby socks of different sizes and colors, separate them, mix them up, and place them in a pile. Each guest has 30 seconds to add as many socks as possible. The person with the most completed sentences wins. Gift mom socks after the game is over!