TWTL product review: Babyzen yoyo + stroller

For every family, there’s the right stroller. For us, we have discovered and switched to the Babyzen yoyo+ stroller! Raise your hands if you only have a small perimeter when you have a baby and toddler together! Having the toddler board allowed us to move faster and finish our errands with so much fun!

Features we love (in order of preference)
1. Toddler board
2. Small enough to fit the airplane overhead compartment
3. Umbrella attachment
4. Smooth drive and one hand drive
5. Big space underneath with front and back easy access
6. Lightweight, portable and durable
7. One hand easy open
8. Hold a lot of shopping bags
9. Colors can be changed with nice comfy cushions.
10. The black / White look

Bonus: I can sit on it comfortably, breastfeed and it’s still easy to manoeuvre. Works like a wheelchair! 🙂

They have a pop UP Store in Rockwell Bridgeway this Month.

– #todaywiththelucasdiscoveries